The conditions below form essential terms of the vehicle for hire contract.

  • Acknowledgement and acceptance of these terms is a condition of hire and the customer is deemed to have accepted them upon submission of the booking request and non-refundable deposit or non-refundable payment in full.
  • NO FOOD, drink, smoking, eating, drinking (except if we provide water for you), luggage, baggage or pets allowed in the vehicle.
  • No illegal or immoral activity allowed, no weapons allowed, concealed or otherwise, NO LUGGAGE OR BAGGAGE of any kind is allowed in the vehicle, these vehicles are rare luxury collector vehicles and do not have room or safe space for luggage or baggage (all luggage and baggage must be pre-delivered to your final destination ahead of your event service date).
  • The ride may be terminated at any time for any reason if the driver feels unsafe or passengers are not listening to and respecting the company's rules.
  • All minor children must ride with a parent.
  • All bookings monies are non-refundable and are due immediately unless a payment plan agreement is reached by both you and us by mutual consent.
  • Full payment is to be made no later than four weeks prior to your event. We do have a payment plan available at no extra charge to help you budget the cost of your reservation for the vehicle. Ask us about it when you call.
  • No refunds will be made for cancellations once the vehicle is booked.
  • We will not show up for your event if payment is not received in full prior to the event and you will lose all monies you have on the account with us.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to provide service if inclement or unsafe weather conditions occur. These conditions include but are not limited to excessive temperature (hot or cold), rain, or snow, ice, wind, or hail, narrow roads and routes without guard rails on the road. We generally run very limited service during the months of December through March as time and weather permit.
  • You are responsible for determining the departure time. Once that time is agreed to in our contract the passenger(s) will be given a 10 minute grace period to board the vehicle and depart. Please do not "build in early arrival time" for us, if you do, you will be billed extra for that time at the current overtime rate. Please do not anticipate our arrival time as we will leave early enough to arrive in time for your departure (under normal travel circumstances).
  • ADDITIONAL CHARGES ACCRUE IF WE ARE DELAYED MORE THAN 10 MINUTES BEYOND OUR AGREED UPON DEPARTURE TIME WHETHER THE PASSENGER(S) DEPART ON TIME OR NOT. This is due to the fact that due to circumstances, many events, especially weddings, run beyond the agreed upon departure time (this is your responsibility). You are responsible for paying for the time it takes us to drive the vehicle to your first pick up from our location through the time it takes us to drive the vehicle from your last drop off back to our starting location.
  • We will need a major credit card on file to charge in case of overtime or damages. By signing these terms and conditions of vehicle rental, you expressly consent to let us charge you for any overtime when we close out your job. You are responsible for damages caused by you or the passengers you invite to ride along in the vehicle.
  • We custom quote all job requests. There is a minimum fee of $695 (Includes tip on the first hour & credit card fee) in most cases; this will give you about an ESTIMATED 1 HOUR of usable time when our travel time from our location to your departure location and from your final drop off location back to our original location is deducted (this will vary depending on how far away your locations are from us.)
  • Overtime hours will be at the reduced rate of $350 per hour up through midnight and start 5 minutes after our calculated route time. If your job runs past midnight (including our return travel to our originating location), the hourly rate will be $500 per hour and a per diem fee of $150 will also be added when your job is closed out. Overtime is charged in half hour increments. Your booking includes the car and the driver only. Additional time will only be available if we have no other reservation conflicts with other clients before or after your scheduled job. Please do not ask us to leave your job and then come back later in an attempt to try and save money. Our drivers are not authorized to nor have the power to change the details of your contract, change your route, make additional stops, take additional passengers, or collect payment (except for tip money). Once we leave, that ends the job, if we return (i.e. do "the arrival", then leave and do "the departure", or do a return trip) that will be considered a second and separate job subject to minimum fees, hourly rates and our travel.
  • We work by the hour to support our families, you need to be prepared to pay us to stay on your job or let us serve someone else so we can continue to make money to support our families.
  • If you need both an arrival and a departure they need to be paid for and booked as two separate jobs and booked at the same time and we will let you know if we can accommodate both reservations or only one of them for you (please let us know when you contact us if this is the case).
  • We need to know if any sparklers, flames or pyrotechnic devices (fireworks) will be used on your job. Our insurance company gives us strict distance and safety guidelines to prevent injury to you, your guests and our vehicle (sparks and gas, and sparks and car paint jobs and fabrics don't mix very well together).
  • Your guests need to stay at least 30 feet from our vehicle AT ALL TIMES, especially if they are holding or using any kind of flame (sparklers, cigarette, cigar, lighter and such).
  • We reserve the right to charge for overtime after you exceed the first five minutes of the calculated reservation time in 30 minute increments at the appropriate hourly rate. Please let your photographer, event planner, etc. know this in advance. They need to be prepared to follow our rules and the terms of this contract. Remember, this is your contract with us, not our contract with them! Overtime charges will be charged to the credit card on file immediately when we close out your reservation.
  • We service all of North Carolina. Call us to see if we can serve your area.
  • We endeavor to leave a time buffer between bookings however and we reserve the right to leave your venue if you are running late and we have to be on time for our next booked event. If there is a possibility of conflict with a later event booking we will tell you. You will then be given the opportunity to leave with us on time, or remain and provide for alternate transportation at your expense. You will not be refunded if you run late and we leave to go to our next scheduled event. We make every effort to ensure that our vehicle is in excellent condition both visually and mechanically through regular detailing and frequent servicing. If an unexpected breakdown occurs, our liability is limited to refunding any unused portion of the fee charged (on a prorated basis depending on how much of the job was completed). It is a condition of our service that our drivers carry no money, make no change and accept no liability for: loss, injury or damage to passengers or theft of their property as a result of mechanical failure or accident beyond the hire fee which will be refunded if such an occurrence has a significant impact on the occupant's ability to attend the event.
  • We are not responsible for property left inside the car. You must take your personal belongings with you every time you exit the vehicle.
  • The customer acknowledges that classic cars are subject to an increased risk of breakdowns and mechanical failure and it is a condition of service that the customer accepts the responsibility for the risk in exchange for the aesthetic pleasure and photo opportunity that our classic car provides. Accordingly, in the event of a breakdown we will not be held liable for missed appointments, time-dependent bookings and associated costs beyond the cost of hire. Further to this, it is stipulated that our contract is not for the provision of leisure or entertainment and the antique electric accessories are just props "for show" and may not be in working order. Since it is illegal to stand through the sunroof, it has been sealed, and is just to let in extra light (should you choose). If you are renting a convertible from us, you may not sit on the top mechanism or the trunk of the vehicle as this damages the vehicle and you must remain seated at all times. It is vital that you read and understand our terms and conditions before making a booking.